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Bruce Fowlie is a familiar voice for many locals who tune in to Radio Tairua 88.3FM - Tairua and Pauanui's very own independent radio station broadcasting across the water and around the hills 24/7.

The motivation for developing Radio Tairua (in May 2007) came from Bruce’s desire to establish something that stimulated his lifelong interest in music, whilst contributing something new and interesting to his community.  Bruce set out to provide more constant Tairua/Pauanui-centred media to the local community, feeling mainstream media channels forget about both towns outside of the high season.

The defining aspects of Radio Tairua are its commitment to airing non-mainstream and New Zealand music along with the refreshing lack of blatant advertising interrupting music programmes with the station’s sponsorship style taking a more brand-centred approach.  Listeners express an appreciation for this independent streak.

The station is “on call” to its listeners via text, web or in person (usually whilst walking around town) with locals requesting music, making enquiries about shows and events, or wishing to find out about tracks they have heard throughout the day.  Radio Tairua listeners can also choose their own music each “Thursday Request Day” and win free giveaways – this is an extremely popular show and allows the station to learn about the variety of music and styles its listeners appreciate.  The station's Loyal Listeners can also be found on Facebook - very cool!

Radio Tairua is fortunate to have a steadily increasing number of volunteer DJ’s on the station, (seemingly) ordinary people with a passion for music plus the courage and commitment to come in each week and host shows for up to 2 hours.  To keep us current with the latest music trends in the UK and Europe - DJ Chris Todd prepares "Reject Musical Trash" mixoids every fortnight for Radio Tairua's  Friday Night Dance Sessions - TFY!  The latest addition to the lineup is the weekly "Global Dance Session" show sent from UK DJ Brian "Cheets" Cheetham - listeners are loving it!

As Radio Tairua becomes better known and develops relationships within the NZ music industry contributions of music CD's and concert tickets as giveaways for listeners continue to increase.  A large number of Tairua businesses support the station – with station posters and stickers in windows, sponsoring shows, donating giveaways or having Radio Tairua play in their business premise – its fantastic!  The greatest buzz comes when passing on giveaways to listeners, getting a chance to meet them in person or see them with friends at events having the best time.

Radio Tairua’s NZ Music quota for 2010/11 was 38% - a reflection of the station’s commitment to promote and support New Zealand music and artists.  The Featured NZ Music page is testament to this.  Radio Tairua endeavours to incorporate music received at the station into as many of its scheduled show formats as possible, as well as ensuring regular playlist rotation.  The Top 20 Countdown @ 2pm on Thursday is taken from the Weekly Top 100 prepared each week for Radioscope - its always interesting, never quite what you might expect, and features a fair proportion of NZ artists.

Thank you to everyone who listens to and supports the station - everything you do is appreciated.  Without you... we would be without!

 If you wish to contact Radio Tairua about sponsorship, music content, shows, events... we’d love to hear from you.